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Why Electric Golf Carts Might Rule the Roads

You are starting to see more and more of them. You see them in neighborhoods, on campuses and on playing fields. You'll see them at amusement parks, concerts, and at corporate events. We're talking about electric golf carts and shuttles and they just may soon rule the roads.

What is behind the growing popularity of these efficient and quiet vehicles?

  • Electric golf carts are more versatile than ever. What were simple two person golf carts are now available in a wide range of body styles and passenger capacities. Shuttles can carry a dozen or more people. They come in body styles that mimic classic cars. They are even being used for emergency vehicles.
  • They are affordable. Brand new electric golf carts start at about $2,000. This makes it an affordable transportation option, especially in communities that allow them or when they are produced in street legal versions.
  • Many view electric golf cart transportation as a greener form of transportation. Consumers are making more decisions based on their effects on the environment. An affordable electric golf cart gives them a cleaner, quieter option.
  • More and more communities are allowing low-speed golf carts. Our aging population has created more planned retirement communities where electric golf carts are not just legal, they are encouraged. This gives many seniors the freedom they crave while transporting themselves safely at lower speeds.
  • Electric golf carts are a great deal of fun. Electric golf carts are simply fun to drive. With more and more customization options available, they can represent an individual's personality or their love of a favorite sports team.

If you haven't seen the remarkable versatility available in today's electric golf carts, we encourage you to contact Moto Electric Vehicles. Imagine where an efficient electric golf cart can take you!