Golf Carts for Hospitals and Assisted Living Facilities

Golf Carts for Hospitals and Assisted Living Facilities

MotoEV offers an extensive line of golf carts for hospitals, nursing homes and medical campuses. Hundreds of configurations that work well for providing rescue when an EMS driver has to travel on sidewalks, across lawns and through parking lots or other low-speed traffic areas. Electric vehicles can also be used by caretaking facilities to make mobility easier for staff, residents and guests. In addition, we can equip most models with ADA-approved ramps and lifts for seniors or disabled persons requiring special transport for medical care or everyday usage.

Our low-speed LSV's make it easier for people to keep doctor's appointments even if they don’t drive regular automobiles. Or, can provide people who might have a car with a more energy-efficient way to move about a medical campus or assisted living facility. Plus, residents and staff love the battery power used to run them. It costs less than the price of gasoline and leaves a much smaller environmental footprint. Electric golf carts, shuttle buses and utility vehicles are not as noisy as many of the gas-powered ones. This allows hospitals and nursing homes to provide a quieter, more peaceful environment.

People who need their sleep on site will not have to wake up to the loud sound of road noise. We offer a wide variety of both street legal and non-street electric vehicles perfect for use at any medical facility. They provide doctors, nurses, caretakers, patients and EMS staff a more convenient means of mobility. MotoEV low-speed police cars and first responder vehicles have many of the characteristics of standard rescue vehicles. For instance, they have an LED red/blue lights, flashing bumper lights, and internal power converters.

Many of them also have turn signals, brake lights, headlights, horns and other necessary features. Many of the two- and four-passenger cars also have windshield wipers and up to four doors. For more information about how our golf carts for hospitals can help improve your staff's efficiency and safety, visit Moto Electric Vehicles. We offer a wide variety of electric vehicles specifically designed for use on low-speed medical facilities.

Golf Carts for Hospitals

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