Emergency Service Vehicles | EMS | Security | First Response

Emergency Service Vehicles | EMS | Security | First Response

MotoEV's electric emergency golf carts are ideal for security, first response, ambulance services, and police security on school campuses, hospital grounds, retirement facilities, amusement parks, manufacturing plants, distribution centers, airports, gated communities and town centers. We specialize in meeting the specific needs for each unique work environment with affordable accessories for a variety of street-legal electric carts, shuttles and buses. Our electric emergency vehicles allow you transport sick or injured residents, visitors, workers or guests in need of medical attention to your care center. With optional ADA compliant ramps, any low-speed vehicle can provide safe and easy access for those in wheelchairs.

All of our electric response carts can be equipped with the latest DOT and NHTSA safety equipment as well as the appropriate lighting kits and bumpers. We can also make your vehicle unique with custom seats, all-weather enclosures, exterior colors with decals, abundant onboard features and optional rims and tires. Electric emergency vehicles are ideal for use as a security or EMT vehicle in any environment where the posted speed limits are 35 MPH (or less), or where insurance requirements specify on-site response vehicles, such as town centers, church campuses or sports complexes. In these low-speed areas, an electric police or emergency vehicle can get the job done and saves money on the costs of gasoline. Low-speed paramedic vehicles can hold two adult passengers and one stretcher plus an optional lighting kit, onboard PA system, aluminum cabinets for storage of medical supplies and a stretcher lockdown.

If you are looking for a low-speed police car, we have both 2-passenger and 4-passenger utility vehicles with loads of options such as LED red/blue roof-mounted police lights, flashing red/blue bumper lights, police or security graphics, an internal power converter and siren with multiple tone settings. In addition, our emergency response vehicles and sports paramedic haulers offer an affordable option for use at the beach, in public parks, on school campuses, as well as on-the-field at the stadium. Contact us today to learn more about any vehicle.

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