Emergency Golf Carts for First Responders

Emergency Golf Carts for First Responders

Emergency vehicles must be able to transport passengers, personnel and equipment safely and quickly. However, there’s nothing to say that these vehicles can’t be cost-efficient and have a smaller environmental footprint. MotoEV has the low-speed vehicles, or LSV's, to handle any emergency in any situation. In fact, our golf carts for emergency medical, security and first responders can be fully-equipped as street-legal to meet all federal regulations for construction and safety.

In fact, our electric vehicles are perfect for businesses, sporting venues or municipal areas where paramedics or security needs to respond rapidly to an emergency in a low-speed environment. MotoEV offers EMS and security packages for added value that include flashing lights, a siren, aluminum cabinets with a matching deck, stretcher lockdown equipment and additional rear storage. Three-passenger medical emergency vehicles are organized so that a medical professional can sit alongside a patient on a stretcher while the drive sits in front.

Security golf cart packages include roof mounted LED lights, spotlights in the bumper, police graphics, a PA system and siren tones. Audio systems are included with patrol vehicles for the security personnel’s benefit. Leather captain’s chairs give patrol officers additional comfort. Four-passenger security vehicles can safely transport VIPs or facilitate the removal of unruly guests. The fully enclosed four-passenger option has a lockable storage container in the rear for storage of sensitive security equipment.

Our four-passenger security LSV can be equipped with lift options to function on rough terrain or in off-road situations with larger tires and higher ground clearance. Add an optional rear bicycle carrier accessory to increase the versatility of your emergency golf cart. MotoEV can customize any electric vehicle to match your fleet vehicles for police departments and EMS companies. Our long-lasting golf carts for emergency responders will reduce operating costs for security and emergency personnel in a variety of situations. Colleges and universities find our vehicles fit into their mission as we reduce the institution’s carbon footprint with no sacrifice to safety. Emergency personnel can travel up to 50 miles on a single charge, allowing officers to patrol further between breaks and paramedics to cover more territory.

With the visibility provided by our custom branding options, everyone can feel safer knowing help is in the vicinity. Our EMS vehicles can provide affordable rapid-response at sporting events, conventions and recreational parks. For more information about how our golf carts for emergency responders and security personnel can help improve your staff's efficiency and safety, visit Moto Electric Vehicles. We offer a wide variety of electric vehicles specifically designed for emergency usage.

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