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Industrial Golf Carts | Electric Work Carts | MotoEV

With Moto Electric Vehicle’s wide selection of electric industrial golf carts, businesses of all kinds can significantly reduce their operating costs. MotoEV builds maintenance golf carts for service applications that can transport people and equipment around your facility quietly, safely, and efficiently. Our low-speed electric utility carts meet all federal standards to protect your employees and customers alike with safety doors, safety windshields and windows, and hydraulic brakes.

Two-passenger electric work carts with cargo capacity in the rear can be used to haul dirt, refuse, or inventory and our vehicles with rear-lift cargo bays can easily dump the cargo for disposal or storage with minimal effort. Maintenance teams can pack all the tools and supplies they need to complete a day’s worth of jobs into electric utility carts with the enclosed box in the rear. You can equip the box with smooth-opening ball-bearing shelves for organizing tools.

You can also use these street-legal industrial golf carts to deliver snacks or lunch on-site, reducing the time your employees spend away from the job. Facility managers can use our LSVs to deliver furniture and supplies, or transport repaired equipment across campuses, hotels, or motor inns with our utility trucks. And.. our utility trucks make safe and efficient options to deliver mail, food, parts, or inventory at large facilities. Utilize our LSVs at recreation centers and amusement parks to reduce the impact on visitors. Attendees will barely notice our quiet electric work carts as your employees go about their jobs. If you need to transport an entire crew of maintenance workers or clean-up staffers?

Try one of the multi-passenger vehicles to move up to four employees safely. Special jobs need specialized vehicles and our boom-lift equipped trucks can help employees reach heights safely, and if you need to cover rough terrain, we have LSVs with higher ground clearance and sure-grip tires. MotoEV can deliver cost-efficient, reliable, and safe vehicles to meet the needs of any business.

For more information about how our industrial golf carts for service can help improve your staff's efficiency and safety, visit Moto Electric Vehicles. We offer a wide variety of electric vehicles specifically designed for commercial usage.

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