Dockside Electric Shuttles & Carts

Dockside Electric Shuttles & Carts

Electric golf carts are the most sensible mode of transportation for dockside personnel; and that’s a good thing. In low speed environments, street legal electric carts are not only better for the earth, but also better for the soul. Plus, the reduction in transportation noise only enhances the excitement of guests leaving for cruise or returning to port after a peaceful trip. At MotoEV, we’ve long been a preferred golf cart vendor of resorts, amusement parks, beachside townships, flight-line industries, as well as campus and town center environments.

Street legal golf carts are ideal for dock workers, cruise crews, and other staffers who need to move about in a low-speed dockside environment. And, electric people movers, shuttles, and trams provide cost-effective options for moving guests, visitors, VIP's and staff from parking areas to and from the ship.

Electric dockside trams have become increasingly popular in recent years, due to their unparalleled safety, efficiency, and comfort. Street legal electric vehicles offer a unique way of travelling that is much more comfortable than traditional modes of transport, which also makes it more enjoyable for passengers. Low-speed modes of travel are also beneficial for public safety since they reduce dockside accidents and prevent hazardous emissions.

At MotoEV, any utility carts, golf carts, shuttles, or buses can be personalized or branded to serve as dockside moving billboards. Additionally, they are more energy efficient than other modes of transportation, resulting in fewer emissions and less pollutants released into the environment. For the cruise industry, street legal low-speed transportation is a great solution for keeping everyone safe while providing a comfortable means of transport.

Low-speed electric vehicles also provide a much needed form of entertainment for passengers as they travel. The smooth ride is perfect for sightseeing and people watching, while the spacious seats offer plenty of room to relax along this phase of their journey. All in all, electric cruise-line vehicles are transforming the way people move about the dock in an efficient and comfortable mode of transport that is sure to revolutionize the future of dockside transportation.

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