School Golf Carts | Low-Speed Campus Vehicles

School Golf Carts | Low-Speed Campus Vehicles

The 2014 Princeton Review survey found that 60% of respondents were significantly interested in a school’s commitment to environmental issues, especially those related to non-fossil fuel transportation options. For college administrators and facility managers, this means that service vehicles powered by alternative fuels will make an impact with potential students by installing golf carts for school and university campuses. Moto Electric Vehicles offers the low-speed vehicles that will service the needs of colleges large and small, and can even benefit large public and private secondary schools.

MotoEV electric school buses, emergency responders and campus security vehicles can add value to your campus with features such as electric trams that can transport up to 28 passengers, solving some existing parking problems or just to make it easier to get students from the dorm room to the classroom. School shuttles can be equipped with various accessories like a heater or air conditioner for extreme temperatures or a PA system for campus tours. Weather enclosures can make trips more comfortable for passengers.

Solar panels attached to the roof of larger vehicles will extend their operating range and time between charges. Campus security will receive a boost from MotoEV’s LSV patrol cars. The exteriors are customizable to match existing campus vehicle color schemes and have leather chairs and audio to benefit security personnel. These smaller vehicles can navigate campus interiors more easily than standard size patrol cars. EMS vehicles can transport a student or on-campus guest on a stretcher, with a medical professional seated alongside. These LSVs can be customized to feature school logos and warning lights and sounds.

Our ADA-ready shuttles and golf carts can facilitate transportation of persons needing assistance or persons using wheelchairs with ramps and flip-seat options. The flip-seat will make room for wheelchairs when folded up. Tie-downs will secure the wheelchair while the vehicle moves. We can also provide walker carrier accessories to increase ADA vehicles’ versatility. Optional running boards for the shuttles make entry easier. Low-speed electric golf carts with cargo capabilities will be useful to facilities managers and maintenance crews. These vehicles can transport from two to four passengers and will have space to carry all the tools and equipment needed for any job.

Larger LSVs can transport small furniture and supplies securely across campus. Cut your campus’ operating costs in many areas while reducing your school’s carbon footprint with MotoEV vehicles for schools and universities. For more information about how our golf carts for schools and universities can help improve your staff's efficiency and safety, visit Moto Electric Vehicles. We offer a wide variety of electric vehicles specifically designed for campus lifestyle.

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