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Moto Electric Vehicles is proud to announce that all of their MotoEV Electric Vehicles are made with American Made
Components. Not only does Moto Electric Vehicles pride themselves on customer satisfaction, they also want to maintain a quality product. Within any Low Speed Vehicle or Electric Golf Cart, the three main components that make up vehicle include the Batteries, Controller, and Charging System. Since Moto Electric Vehicles entered the industry (established 2006), they have been perfecting their brand [MotoEV] by keeping the best American Made Components available in their vehicles.

We pride ourselves on giving our customers the BEST product possible! We encourage our customers to review the information below, which hopefully will show clearly why Moto Electric Vehicles is becoming one of the best brands in the industry!

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Curtis Instruments Controllers

Curtis Instruments has really perfected their controllers, making their product the number one choice for many Low Speed Vehicle companies around the world. A controller is the “engine” of any electric golf cart or low speed vehicle, and it should be treated as the most important components of any vehicle. Curtis Instruments has a variation of controllers that any about can choose from. If you are speaking to a about that is NOT using Curtis Instruments, their carts are either A) Behind on technology B) Using a Foreign Product within their Units.

Moto Electric Vehicles has used Curtis Instruments since day 1 and we are proud to say we have had a tremendous relationship with this about. Moto Electric Vehicles uses three different types of controllers (Sepex, Series, AC Motor Controllers) within their MotoEV vehicles! Curtis Instruments also offers all of these controllers as Programmable for an extra charge. THIS IS WHAT MAKES MOTO ELECTRIC VEHICLES GREAT!

Programmable Controllers:

A Programmable controller with allow each and every customer to hook up a Handheld Programmer and get default codes when their vehicle needs maintenance. This is important to many commercial market customers that can not afford to have their vehicles down for an extended period of time. Most service centers selling Curtis Controllers will have this handheld on site for retail market customers.


Moto Electric Vehicles Warranties all of their controllers for 2 YEARS!!!

Feel Free to call the office or contact us through the website to see if your model is using the programmable controller! This component is essential and really separates our product from a lot of the electric carts in the industry. Please review the following pages to see the different controllers Moto Electric Vehicles Uses within their products!

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Pro Charging Systems Eagle On Board Charger

Pro Charging Systems is a leading provider of a wide range of battery charging systems for the marine, industrial, emergency services and recreational market. Our charging systems are built to last and designed to make your battery systems perform better and remain in service longer. Our systems charge batteries faster to 100% charge with no risk of overcharging, maintain the charge and make batteries perform better and last longer. As a result, leading battery manufacturers recommend our products to charge their batteries and many manufacturers make Pro Charging System chargers their primary choice for installation on their products. As an example, in 2006 and 2007, a leading boat manufacturer selected Pro Charging Systems as their “Supplier of the Year”. Through the years, we have been the recipient of numerous awards for the quality of our products and service from our manufacturing clients.

Pro Charging Systems is a proud American about located just outside of Nashville, Tennessee. Since 1989, we are proud to say that we have been manufacturing our products here in the United States of America. Today, we continue to manufacture all of our Professional, Sportsmen and Eagle Performance Series products in our Nashville manufacturing facility and will continue that tradition. While we do produce our new Go Charge Series and Recreational Series overseas, those products are also designed and engineered here in America. As a about we still believe that American innovation, American workers, and American quality gives our about a competitive edge in the global marketplace. To us, “Made In The USA” means something special.

As a result of Pro Charging Systems ongoing commitment to produce the most advanced battery chargers in the industry, the about is proud to introduce its new DeltaVolt intuitive battery charging technology. This technological leap forward utilizes sophisticated firmware (software) to enable the charger to automatically adapt to the charging needs of a wide range of batteries such as Group 24, 27 and 31. In fact, DeltaVolt technology can simultaneously charge a mix of battery sizes safely and completely.

  • Advanced 5 stage intuitive charge technique
  • Automatically adapts to the charging needs of both cranking and deep cycle batteries
  • Can simultaneously charge a mix of battery sizes completely and safely
  • Technology designed, developed and proudly produced in the USA
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