Real Estate Golf Carts for Low-Speed Neighborhoods

Real Estate Golf Carts for Low-Speed Neighborhoods

Golf carts for the real estate industry benefit everyone from buyers to builders. MotoEV offers a wide range of electric vehicles for use in low-speed environments including neighborhood communities, historic areas and a variety of real estate properties. Plus, Motos can equip your street legal cart to accommodate as many passengers as you need. From disabled seniors to your on-site staff, our vehicles are always up to the task at hand. Real estate managers and site developers prefer our LSV's over gas-powered carts because they are less expensive to operate and can reach the same 35 mph speed as conventional cars and trucks.

Not only do our real estate golf carts emit fewer toxins into the air than regular vehicles, they produce minimal noise which allows brokers, agents and prospects to comfortably view a property. Residents in gated neighborhoods and town center developments who use these MotoEV carts call it the perfect vehicle for getting back and forth from their home to the amenities. Our electric-powered haulers make travel more convenient, and you'll spend less on maintenance. That’s because these electric vehicles require less overall maintenance.

Our real estate carts seat at least four people but there are many models available to carry a group of people plus some cargo. Small carts look much like the ones seen on golf courses, campgrounds, parks, stadiums, stores or other public areas. With your choice of configurations, a fully-equipped cart is ideal for moving staff, visitors and other real estate people from one corner of your development to another.

All utility LSVs and passenger carts come in several designs, and offer different features and most models can be equipped with ramps, lifts, hard doors and windows, for example. For more information about how our golf carts for real estate applications can help improve your staff's efficiency and safety, visit Moto Electric Vehicles. We offer a wide variety of electric vehicles specifically designed for developers, agents, brokers, work crews, builders and buyers.

Golf Carts for the Real Estate Industry

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