Hunting Golf Carts | Off-Road Electric Outdoor Vehicles

Hunting Golf Carts | Off-Road Electric Outdoor Vehicles

Whether for public or private use, our off-road electric golf carts for hunting and outdoor activities run for a fraction of the cost of gas-powered LSV's. They make far less noise and also release fewer toxins into the air for a small environmental footprint. These highriser electric outdoor vehicles are great for game preserves, hunting leases, campgrounds, wildlife parks and open government lands. However, anyone who wants to do a little off-roading will appreciate the convenience of a MotoEV-equipped high-profile vehicle.

They’re great for fetching water buckets, carrying fish and game, or just hauling supplies outdoors. Emergencies in the woods or on the farm are also a lot easier to manage. Two and four-passenger LSVs are ideal for small groups who only need to transport a limited amount of hunting or camping supplies but bigger models are available. Some are configured as street-legal hunting golf carts and come standard with these features: horns, seat belts, parking brakes, storage space, and more. Any MotoEV high-profile vehicle can be distinctly painted and marked with your lodge's brand, hunting preserve's logos or camouflaged, so people recognize them but the game doesn't.

Nothing is quieter than an electric hunting golf cart and we can provide special gear ratios to provide all the torque you need for off-road excursions. Fans of using electric vehicles like the convenience of transporting their group to and from hunting trips without alarming the wildlife. Likewise, families who take their children on outdoor trips or tour wildlife areas also might benefit from using all-terrain golf carts when the little ones become too tired to walk back to camp. In fact, MotoEV hunting golf carts make all kinds of trips much easier. Plus, when an accident happens, our high-profile vehicles can respond to an emergency deep in the woods making it easier to take immediate action.

Similarly, they can maneuver rugged trails as they remove hunters or other persons who need urgent care. For more information about how our all-terrain golf carts for hunting and other outdoor activities can help improve your staff's efficiency and safety, visit Moto Electric Vehicles. We offer a wide variety of electric high-profile vehicles specifically designed for off-road usage.

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