Amusement Park Electric Shuttles and Theme Park Golf Carts

Amusement Park Electric Shuttles and Theme Park Golf Carts

Our golf carts for amusement parks will improve your visitor's experience at any theme park, whether it’s a sprawling enterprise or a smaller, family-centered business. Moto Electric Vehicles has a variety of electric shuttles and service vehicles to best support your hard working staff, helping them help your guests. MotoEV has a class of shuttles that can take customers from the parking lot to the ticket booth in comfort without unwanted noise and smell.

Our low-speed shuttle buses can carry up to 28 passengers at once. We offer open-air shuttles that work great in warmer climates and during the high-traffic seasons for parks, or hard door shuttles and trams that can provide protection to passengers in colder months. You can equip MotoEV amusement park shuttles with a fan, air conditioner or powerful heater for greater climate control. Several other accessories make our golf carts for amusement parks a powerful tool in your arsenal. An optional PA system can turn a shuttle into a tour bus. A DVD system can highlight features of the theme park, give safety advice to patrons or offer scheduling reminders. Add a solar panel to the top of the vehicle to increase operational time and make the electric vehicle even more cost-efficient. A rear-view monitor and backup camera will increase operating safety, while the weather enclosures add versatility to open-air models. We also offer customization packages including flashing lights, LED low-ground effects and signs. At MotoEV, we can match existing color schemes and personalize any street legal golf carts, theme park electric shuttles or amusement park utility vehicles with your brand and signage.

We also offer ADA compliant shuttles to help passengers that may need a little assistance getting around the park. Flip-up seats will make room for wheelchair passengers, and ramps will give those passengers easy access to the vehicle. We offer a variety of sizes in these ADA ready shuttles, from golf cart size to 27 passenger trams. EMS electric golf carts and electric security vehicles help emergency responders accomplish their tasks safely and efficiently.

The three-passenger LSV allows transport of injured persons on a secure stretcher with a medical professional seated alongside them. Our patrol vehicles can travel 50 miles on one charge, and have accessories to keep patrol officers comfortable. The emergency vehicles can be custom decorated to match your existing fleet. MotoEV also offers a wide range of service vehicles you can use to quietly move parts and labor throughout the facility.

Our lift-equipped LSV's may be especially useful in amusement parks and theme parks where workers need to reach high places safely. For more information about how our golf carts for amusement parks can help improve your staff's efficiency and safety, visit Moto Electric Vehicles. We offer a wide variety of electric vehicles specifically designed for theme park usage.

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