When you need to move people around your winery, electric shuttles are an ecofriendly option that can help you manage your business’s operational costs while reducing the vineyard’s environmental footprint. In addition to lessening the amount of fossil fuels you burn; you will be providing employees and guests with an opportunity to immerse themselves in the surrounding beauty. Riding around a winery in an electric people mover provides an effortless feel that allows passengers to view the orchard or vineyard while becoming educated about your cultivation practices, policies for sustainability, and how each contribute to producing your best bottles of wine. By engaging with guests during an electric shuttle tour, you’ll  be turning visitors into lifetime customers.

Providing rides using electric shuttles, trollies or trams provide the opportunity for guests to venture beyond the winery’s tasting room to actually experience the vineyard and explore your processing facilities. When you are hosting a private party, moving people around in street legal 8-passenger golf carts can create the best experiences for building lasting memories. Private parties allow for a more leisurely pace and electric vineyard shuttles allow guests to enjoy a “from the vineyard to the glass” experience more fully. The tour guide also can drop a relaxing playlist for background music and make a Tour Toast when the group reaches a special spot with a scenic view. Investing in vineyard people movers can be positive to the bottom line by providing the winery with rolling billboards.

Electric Shuttles, Trollies and Trams

The roadways around and through your winery are likely as organic as your vineyard and working in harmony with the surrounding nature is something you should be complimented for doing. Electric vehicles are commonly used in wineries, vineyards and orchards to reduce pollution from harmful gases and eliminate unpleasant noise. Discussed below are low-speed transportation examples of how electric vehicles are being used:

  • Electric Shuttle Vehicles – Electric shuttle sightseeing vehicles can bring new meaning to winery’s brand while expanding the range of services that you offer visitors to your vineyard. Depending upon the size of your facility, luxury electric shuttle buses can be equipped with air conditioning or heating for more elegant touch.
  • Motorized Vineyard Trams – Wholesale electric shuttle buses provide an eco-friendly and cost effective solution for moving people around your winery. Whether it is a private party or mixed group, motorized vineyard trams add a touch of class to the trip around a working orchard or vineyard for a full-effect tour of your winery.
  • Electric Winery Trollies – Winery visitors can enjoy a free glass of wine aboard a brand-wrapped electric winery trolley while touring your facilities. That’s a perfect way to engage with your guests before dropping them off at your winery’s store. The open air feel of an electric winery trolley adds to the natural feel of an orchard or vineyard tour.
  • Low Speed People Movers – All-electric buses are the perfect fleet for a winery, vineyard or orchard that opens the doors for visitors to see how their best bottles are produced from the farm to the table. Low speed people movers provide your visitors with a fascinating look at a working winery to boost sales in your tasting room.
  • Street Legal Electric Carts – Street legal 8-passenger golf carts are ideal for smaller tours as well as giving your new customers a quick lift back to the parking lot. Wholesale lifted electric golf carts provide an intriguing and memorable means of transportation for members of a private party or guests at a vineyard wedding. 

In the fast paced world we live in today, people are hungry for experiences that allow them to engage with the outdoors and feel what it is like to live the life that others have chosen. With the right fleet of winery electric shuttles, your winery can better engage visitors with your high-quality boutique winery. Impress your guests with the added fun factor of riding in electric people movers.

Encourage Visitors to Spend More Money

Eco-friendly low-speed electric shuttles and electric all-terrain utility carts can do more than lower emissions, these vehicles can be used to expand your wineries business with a positive return on your investment. With lithium batteries, raised chassis, light-weight wheels, and larger tires, wineries can choose from a wide range of configurations for the electric shuttles, electric trollies and electric trams. Plus, your low-speed electric vehicles can be wrapped in your logo as dual-purposed fleet of rolling billboards. Nowadays, wineries and vineyards cannot afford to let money slip through their fingers and winery tours that offer an “in the vineyard” tour toast encourage visitors to spend more money. Plus, lifted electric shuttles, trollies and trams help ensure your greenery isn’t damaged. 

If your orchard, vineyard or winery is open to the public or hosts private groups and weddings, investing in an electric shuttle, trolley or tram can help keep people at your site longer and engaged in additional activities planned around your winery. A custom design electric trolley can create elevated and unique experiences that transport visitors through the daily role of vineyard life. Creating adventurous memories can help you build relationships that last for a lifetime. Elevating the customer experience directly correlates with the likelihood buyers purchase additional products for a subsequent increase in sales due to higher levels of customer loyalty. In addition, you will get to know the people whose trust in your company can help spread brand awareness.

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