Airport Golf Carts | Electric Shuttles and People Movers

Airport Golf Carts | Electric Shuttles and People Movers

Airports are vast and busy places. The ability to move heavy luggage, transport passengers, and allow staff to move from one complex to another quickly and efficiently is key. Golf carts for airports allow you to move cargo and people with ease from terminal parking to restricted areas around the tarmac. Low-speed utility vehicles move quickly into and out of spaces that larger commercial vehicles may not be able to fit or may not have access too. Electric golf carts and other utility vehicles provide for easy transportation of fully secured cargo bay with a two or four passenger cab which can also offer complete protection from the elements.

MotoEV airport vehicles make it easy to distribute supplies from one area of an airport to the next. In fact, our street-legal vehicles offer many variations for the cargo/passenger design. From small boxed-cargo carriers to ones with hydraulic beds, our golf carts handle runway cargo with ease. MotoEV's low-speed emergency vehicles have the capability of going into small places, inside or outside of the airport to retrieve injured people. With enough room for a gurney and EMS personnel, this little vehicle makes a big difference when disaster strikes.

For security purposes, light bars and custom design allow security personnel to move with ease through crowded halls or across the tarmac. If you need a way to move personnel quickly and efficiently, then consider one of the multi-person units that haul four or more people. If you need a vehicle that is fully electronic, easy to use and helps security staff to be mobile, the electric vehicles allow security teams to cover large territories in a short amount of time. Airports have many needs and for all of those needs our electric vehicles can help increase the efficiency of your staff. With the convenience of moving ADA and physically challenged people (or crews and staff) from one section of the airport to the next, Moto Electric Vehicles help public and private airports meet all government regulations and TSA specifications.

Some vehicle can be fitted with a ramp to accommodate wheelchairs or mobility scooters. Plus, the small size of these vehicles allows them to move with ease through crowded areas where larger vehicles would be stalled. The gain to airports is that these vehicles help their staff do their job safely, efficiently, and in all kinds of weather. For more information about how our golf carts for airports can help improve your staff's efficiency and safety, visit Moto Electric Vehicles. We offer a wide variety of electric vehicles specifically designed for airport usage.

Golf Carts for Airports

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