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Limited Electrical Warranty


1) No misleading advertising of what is or is not included with your vehicle:

  • When we sell you a low speed vehicle, all required equipment is on the vehicle. NO added options or packages are necessary to make it Street Legal like the other guys.
  • All our on-board chargers are AMERICAN-MADE and vehicle mounted -- we never sell you a 50-70 pound off-board charger for you to carry around or store in the garage -- what happens when you just cannot get back to the garage?
  • We don't nickel and dime . . Look Closely at our competitor's specifications. Our vehicles contain many extra features the other guys make you buy as options, such as LSV options to make your vehicle Street Legal, Windshield Wipers, Aluminum Wheels, Free Drink Coolers, Speedometers, Wood Grain Seats, Dash and Wheels.


2) 3 YEAR WARRANTY on our American-Made CHARGERS.

3) 2 YEAR WARRANTY on our American-Made CONTROLLERS. . . and they are computer capable, so maintenance is simple.

4) 18 MONTH WARRANTY on our American-Made TROJAN BATTERIES . . . they are the best in the business. No foreign batteries are ever used.

5) 12 MONTH WARRANTY on all non user wear and tear parts.

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