Pennsylvania To Consider Making NEVs Street Legal

Pennsylvania To Consider Making NEVs Street Legal

Pennsylvania, one of the few states still holding out against legalizing the use of Neighborhood Electric Vehicles (NEVs) on public roadways, may soon change its opposition to the idea.  Danny King, in a posting on dated February 6, 2012, reported that the State Senate has passed bill that would allow the vehicles on roadways with a posted speed limit no higher than 25 mph as well as on some roads with posted speed limits as high as 35 mph.  Federal regulations allow such vehicles on all roads with speed limits up to 35 mph, but leave further regulations and restrictions up to individual municipalities and jurisdictions.  Currently 46 states allow their use.

Sponsored by Senator Stewart Greenleaf, the bill must still go through the State House Of Representatives, where it stands a fairly good chance of

Pennsylvania State Senator Stewart Greenleaf

approval.  The measure would not include traditional golf carts for street legal use.

Pike Research, a green technology research firm, estimates that global NEV sales will reach 55,000 by 2017.  Last year, 37,000 NEVs were sold worldwide, with North America accounting for about half of those sales.

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