How to Care for your Vehicle During the Winter Season!

How to Care for your Vehicle During the Winter Season!


A few tips to help you successfully care for your vehicle during the winter season!

  • After servicing your batteries, you will want to find your charger plug in and plug the vehicle into a wall outlet. You need a full 20 amp outlet to charge the cart properly, and please make sure nothing else is plugged into the outlet.
  • Please store your vehicle inside an enclosed dwelling or garage type structure. (If you do not have enclosed storage, you can purchase a marine grade storage cover from our parts department)
  • Lift Open the Seat that stores the batteries; check to make sure all battery terminals are tight and free of debris or corrosion.
  • After confirming the cables are tight, check the distilled water levels in each battery. Your cart will either have 8 total batteries or 12 total batteries.
  • When viewing the batteries, the distilled water should be filled right above the silver plates inside each cell. If you can see the silver plate exposed, that cell needs water.
  • Finally, if possible, try to drive the cart 1-2 times during the winter for a few minutes just to knock off some surface charge. This is good for the vehicle... not needed but we recommend it.

If you have any questions please give us a call at 904-247-1818! Stay warm and have a happy holiday!


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