Happy Holidays from Moto Electric Vehicles

Happy Holidays from Moto Electric Vehicles

Electric street legal golf carts are small vehicles that are designed to be used on golf courses and other areas where traditional automobiles are not allowed. They are powered by electricity, which makes them environmentally friendly and quiet to operate. Many electric street legal golf carts are also equipped with features such as headlights, taillights, turn signals, and seat belts, which allow them to be used on public roads in certain areas.

“You likely remember when golf carts were actually for golfers,” says Brett Jackrel, Sales Manager of Moto Electric Vehicles. “Thankfully, I was able to start in the business as the conventional electric cart began to evolve into today’s more versatile offering of low-speed vehicles for street use and fun activities. Now, lifted golf carts are providing people with a unique advantage with more ground clearance and bigger wheels and tires.”

To be considered street legal, an electric golf cart typically must meet certain requirements set by state and local laws. These requirements may include having certain safety features, such as brakes, mirrors, and horn, and being equipped with proper lighting and signage. Some states also require electric golf carts to be registered and insured, and to be driven only by licensed drivers.

Lifted Street Legal Golf Carts

If you fear of bottoming out while carrying back seat passengers, it may be time to consider a custom fitted ride. At Moto Electric Vehicles, our staff is always ready to assist you in determining the best lifted golf cart or raised utility vehicle from our incredible selection of personal and commercial electric carts. Our rugged raised golf carts are built from the ground up to withstand the wear-and-tear of any terrain. Lifted golf carts can be a convenient and economical means of transportation for construction workers, project managers, and resort staff as well as visitors to historic neighborhoods, beach communities, mountain resorts, and town center communities

Most cart drivers prefer the feel on the street that lifting allows with a more stable stance but a lifted street legal golf cart raises the vehicles center of gravity. Since you also may gain a bit of top end speed with larger wheels, the increases the risk of a driver flipping the cart unless you adjust your driving habits appropriately. Passengers prefer getting in and riding in a lifted golf cart, but the driver needs to slow down in corners and take added precautions on hilly slopes. It is also important to understand that the larger components that you installed is placing a heavier load on your cart’s electric motor and other rotational parts.

Electric street legal golf carts are a popular choice for communities, resorts, and other areas where low-speed transportation is needed. They can be used for a variety of purposes, including commuting, running errands, and leisurely cruising around neighborhood streets. Here at MotoEV, pur staff will be happy to help you retrofit your golf cart or custom build a lifted street legal golf cart just for you. To learn more about any vehicle, call Brett Jackrel Toll Free at 855-339-8333.


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