Got the Right Accessories for Your Electric Vehicle?

Got the Right Accessories for Your Electric Vehicle?

So you've got your great looking electric vehicle. Now, it's time to trick it out with all the accessories that make your golf cart ride an enviable experience. Electric vehicle TVs and DVD players are a popular add-on. If you're using your NEV as a parking lot shuttle, church shuttle, school shuttle, event shuttle or other similar use, our flip-down TVs with built-in DVD players add an entertainment factor for passengers. And parents of young children love them. The kids have fun watching their favorite videos while Mom and Dad run errands or visit with neighbors and friends.

Electric vehicle backup cameras are a top safety feature for NEVs used as parking and event shuttles, touring vehicles and delivery vehicles. For any neighborhood electric vehicle operated in area where children play regularly, a backup camera can be a particularly important safety precaution. We offer both wired and wireless options.

Don't let the weather halt your plans. Our electric vehicle enclosures protect you and your cart's cargo on rainy and cold days. They're made of soft cloth and provide full visibility windows all around. The top bonnet is specially crafted to minimize water penetration and can be color customized. So, not only do you stay dry, but you look great too.

And don't forget to pick up an electric vehicle cover to protect your cart, its operative components, paint job and contents safe from the elements and clear of dust and dirt when not in use.

Browse our website to find all the accessories you need. And if you don't see what you're looking for, contact us at 904-247-1818 or via our online email form.


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