CVAG Agrees To Whitewater Trail Plan

CVAG Agrees To Whitewater Trail Plan

California’s Coachella Valley Association Of Governments has agreed to a plan that would use $20 million in highway funds to build a Neighborhood Electric Vehicle (NEV) trail along the Whitewater River.

The money would come from a $53 million mitigation fund set aside for air quality projects in the desert, meant to offset the impact of a power plant being built near Desert Hot Springs.  When completed, the proposed 54-mile paved trail would allow NEVs, golf carts and bikes to travel between Desert Hot Springs and Coachella.

The proposed project has a great deal of local support, but also has its opponents.  Some are hoping to get a portion of the money for their own local pet projects, so it remains to be seen just how much of the total the trail project will receive.  Interested parties have until June 8th to submit their applications to the district, which will be in charge of distributing the funds.

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