Can’t Find the Electric Golf Cart You Need?

Can’t Find the Electric Golf Cart You Need?

Now is the time to visit Moto Electric Vehicles online. We’ve been building state of the industry golf carts ever since these nimble electric vehicles were just being used by golfers to get from the tee to the green. Industry experts had forecasted the golf cart industry would grow by 10% a year but the pandemic (and other supply chain issues) caused some manufactures to fail in meeting their annual production goals. That left many consumers searching high-and-low for street legal golf carts, electric shuttles and other low-speed electric vehicles. Where many dealers are still experiencing shipping delays, MotoEV has been busy meeting the demand for individual golf carts, electric utility vehicles, and fleets of environmentally friendly people movers.

If your transportation plans were put on the backburner due to today’s skyrocketing demand for street legal electric golf carts, shuttles and trams, MotoEV has a team of experienced service personnel and a solid inventory of the latest golf cart accessories to custom build vehicles based on your specific needs. From replacement lithium batteries and lift kits to a personalized vehicle wrap that turns your fleet into rolling billboards, we’re bridging the supply and demand gap with great prices for virtually any style of neighborhood electric vehicles. For customers who are new to the world of low-speed environments, street legal golf carts and electric utility vehicles may all seem alike. But the differences can actually be huge, so it is important to match vehicles for use in specific settings.

Built Tough for Increased Hauling Capacity

Whether you need to move products or people, Moto Electric Vehicles can deliver the electric low-speed vehicles that will get the job done. Traditional golf carts for golf courses are ideal for riding around groomed terrain, but they don’t necessarily deliver the durability and maneuverability you need for traversing different surfaces. At MotoEV, we can build customized electric vehicles with specialty axles, cargo boxes, ADA-accessible ramps, and lifted chassis for higher clearances or a tighter turning radius. In addition to being personalized for the job you need to get done, our vehicles come equipped with the latest safety features and comfort options. Even if you need to cover large distances to move people from one place to another, we’ve got a low-speed ride to handle the task.

Take your maintenance services to the next level with a fleet of MotoEV lifted golf carts. While traditional golf carts might struggle with uneven ground, our lifted street-legal golf carts are equipped with larger tires and lightweight wheels for optimal performance. With added ground clearance and a wider footprint, these carts open up a whole new world of commercial applications. MotoEV lifted street-legal golf carts offer larger tires and lightweight wheels for increased speed and maneuverability, so you can navigate off-road paths and designated roads with ease. Get ready to explore a whole new world of possibilities with a built-tough electric vehicle that is environmentally friendly and provides an affordable ultra-smooth ride to get you where you need to be.

A Greener Way to Meet Your Transportation Needs

While our standard street legal golf carts can handle two to eight passengers with ease, MotoEV also offers the latest open or closed-cab electric shuttles, electric trams, and electric trolley that do not produce harmful emissions while providing a more enjoyable ride for guests. Electric people movers are among the most practical solutions for businesses, campuses, industrial sites, resorts, town centers, and travel industries to reduce their transportation-related carbon footprint. For those living in a low-speed neighborhood, golf-cart community, or a slow-speed resort environment, what better to travel than jumping in a personalized vehicle that runs on battery power. These once cumbersome vehicles that were limited to using cart paths are changing how people move about.

With climate change wreaking havoc on the planet, it's time to say goodbye to gas-guzzling vehicles and hello to eco-friendly electric-powered alternatives. The MotoEV 8-passenger street legal golf cart is the perfect solution for those looking to get around in low-speed areas. Not only is it ideal for use as a neighborhood Uber replacement, but it's also a sustainable and affordable option for security teams, first responders, and take-out deliveries. Now, with slower speed limits in so many areas, MotoEV multi-passenger electric carts offer a perfect solution for decarbonizing the transportation sector in a sustainable way. So why not make a positive impact on your environment and also enjoy the ride? Make the switch today to the MotoEV 8-passenger golf cart and help protect our future, one ride at a time.

If you are employed by a government agency or branch of the military, many of the vehicles in the Moto EV lineup of lifted golf carts, off road golf carts, and raised golf carts can be supplied on GSA contract. Contact Brett Jackrel, Sales Manager of MotoEV, to discuss the details of upgrading your fleet of electric people movers or to purchase a new lifted street legal golf cart for your personal use.


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