Street Legal Golf Carts from Moto Electric Vehicles

Street Legal Golf Carts from Moto Electric Vehicles

Moto Electric Vehicles maintains a large inventory of street legal golf carts that can be configured, accessorized, or equipped to meet your personal or business needs. Our electric vehicles leave a much smaller environmental footprint than traditional vehicles that burn fossil fuels. When used for running daily errands, street legal golf carts offer significant savings for communities, such as eliminating the need for larger parking areas while reducing some of the frustration caused by traffic congestion. MotoEV offers a variety of configurations for use in neighborhoods, resorts, amusement parks, manufacturing facilities, hospitals, military bases, real estate developments, zoos, churches, school campuses and even golf courses.

Since the same rules that regulate the use of low-speed vehicles (LSV's) and neighborhood electric vehicles (NEV's) also apply to operating a street legal golf cart on public highways and community streets, our road-ready golf carts are faster than conventional models used on the golf course. With passengers, you can easily cruise at 25 MPH on local roadways with a posted speed limit of 35 MPH or less. However, some states do recognize differences between golf carts, street legal golf carts, and an LSV. State, county, or municipal ordinances may restrict a traditional golf cart to use only on the golf course, where other regions might allow operation during daylight hours only for driving around in a low-speed neighborhood or golf cart community.

Recently, Moto Electric Vehicles has expanded our manufacturing facilities for equipping street legal golf carts with the accessories you need to get any job done. Our electric carts and utility vehicles can improve the overall safety for staff and passengers as well as provide an excellent source for moving signage. At MotoEV, we feature many models with a variety of seating configurations and optional equipment, such as emergency vehicle lighting kits, cargo bodies, opened or closed beds, and just about any other application you can imagine. We also offer custom body wraps to turn your street legal golf carts into branded rolling billboards based on your logos and designs. Check out our testimonials page to learn about creative solutions we've created for MotoEV customers worldwide.

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