Electric Work Vehicles for Low Speed Commercial Applications

Electric Work Vehicles for Low Speed Commercial Applications

If you're looking for a great buy on commercial electric vehicles, MotoEV offers a comprehensive line of utility vehicles, people movers and street legal golf carts. Whether you need transport cargo, make deliveries, patrol the premises, move people from place to place or need a custom solution, we can help with modifications to an existing unit or create a unique unit to meet your specific application. Plus, Moto Electric carries a wide variety of work-related equipment and accessories for dozens of commercial applications.

Moto Electric Vehicles carries a wide selection of work-related equipment and accessories for commercial applications in speed-restricted neighborhoods. Our commercial electric vehicles are ideal to use for maintenance, landscaping, food-delivery or hauling just about anything you need. So, don't settle for a unit that cannot get the job done. Some of our more popular features include: Special Seating Custom Paint Job Enhanced Rims & Wheels Industrial Designs Security Accessories Optional Light Kits Premium Audio Wheel Chair Ramps Cargo Boxes Hydraulic Dump Beds Weather Enclosures Back Up Cameras Whether you are buying new or used, MotoEV is your one-stop-shop for commercial electric vehicles, street legal golf carts, ADA-approved shuttle buses as well as energy-efficient emergency response and security vehicles. As a GSA Contract Holder, we supply government entities with all types of "Green" transportation.

The power output of an electric motor is rated by kilowatts (kW) not horsepower. If the motor that is installed in your utility vehicle is four kW, it is considered to be the equivalent of a 5-horsepower gasoline-powered engine. A major advantage of using electric power in a commercial utility vehicle is the electric motor's maximum torque can be delivered over a much broader range of RPMs. So, when interpreted as a measure of engine performance, commercial electric vehicles with a 4kW electric motor will actually exceed 5 horsepower which today's motors can deliver the power you need. To learn more about our commercial electric vehicles, call Toll Free at 855-339-8333 or use our GET A QUOTE form for a prompt response.

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