MotoEV 8 Passenger Street Legal Golf Cart

$ 15,495.00

The MotoEV Electro Neighborhood Buddy 8 Passenger Street Legal Golf Cart has all the required standard features necessary to certify the unit as street legal!

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The MotoEV Electro Neighborhood Buddy 8 Passenger Street Legal Golf Cart has all the required standard features necessary to certify the unit as street legal! This electric cart is equipped with the needed street legal equipment: Headlights, Taillights, Turn Signals, DOT Certified Windshield, Windshield Wiper, Speedometer, Seat Belts, Reflectors, and it also comes with a 17-digit vin number and Title to get a license plate. Moto Electric Vehicles specializes in helping the customer get their newly purchased electric cart on the road with their local Department of Motor Vehicles. Our street legal golf carts can be driven on roads 35MPH or less and can cross any road that is 45MPH or less!

Our Street Legal Golf Carts can travel and industry leading 50 miles on a charge. Our Street Legal Golf Carts also come equipped with an “On Board Charger” which allows the end user to plug in the electric cart wherever there is a standard 110v 20amp outlet! The On-Board Charger has a microprocessor that won’t allow the batteries to get overcharged. The charger technology is simple; just plug it in and the charger will turn off when the batteries reach max capacity! Moto Electric Vehicles makes it a priority to use an American Made Charger and we also feature American made Batteries and American Made Controllers!

Our Street Legal Golf Carts are commonly used within several different industries. Our Electric Carts can be used within the family setting as another vehicle, parking lot transportation, apartment complexes, Church parking Lots, Hospital Parking Lots, and several other applications. If you’re looking for an electric cart that can go on the road with a license plate and replace a gas vehicle, you are looking at the right electric cart option!

** Make sure you investigate our new Lithium Battery Technology! This will allow your electric cart to go further, charge quicker, and its Maintenance Free! Ask your Moto Electric Vehicles Sales Representative about this technology and we can add it to your new order!

  • Model:MotoEV 8 Passenger Street Legal Golf Cart
  • Product Code:ENB-8P
  • Passenger Capacity:8 People or 6 People + Cargo
  • Vehicle Dimensions:14.5 L X 4.0' W X 6.7' H
  • Gross Vehicle Weight:2,995 Lbs.
  • Speed:Up to 25 MPH
  • Range:Up to 50 miles (full capacity)
  • Climb:20% grade (full capacity)
  • Electric Motor:4 KW (5.5 Hp)
  • Min. Turning Radius:19 ft
  • Maxload: 1,800 lbs.
  • Ground Clearance:5
  • Batteries:QTY 8- Trojan 105 or US2200
  • Charger:Eagle On Board
  • Braking System:Rear & Front Hydraulic Brakes w/ Rear Mechanical Parking Brake
  • Suspension:Independent/ Rear Steel Plate Suspension
  • Drive:Rear Wheel Drive
  • Body:Steel Framework + Fiberglass
  • Roof:Injection Molded Plastic (Painted to Match Vehicle)
  • Floor: Non- Slip Plastic
  • Windshield:AS1 DOT Approved
  • Warranty:* 3 Year Limited Standard Warranty Included On This Unit!
  • DOT AS-1 Certified Windshield
  • Automatic Windshield Wiper
  • DOT Certified Seatbelts
  • 17 digit vehicle identification number
  • On Board Smart Charging System
  • Curtis Programmable Sepex Controller on most models
  • Light Package (Head Lights, Tail Lights, Brake Lights,Turn Signals)
  • Horn
  • Wood Grain Package (Steering Wheel, Dashboard, Back Rest)
  • Digital Dashboard
  • Speedometer
  • Battery Capacity Meter
  • High/Low Speed Switch
  • Security Shut Off Switch
  • Electric Thermo Cooler (Hot & Cold)
  • Rear Flip Seat (8P) w/ Aluminum Cargo Deck
  • Rear Foot Plate w/ Grab Bar
  • Side and Rear View Mirrors
  • Aluminum Rust Protected Rims

MotoEV Electro Neighborhood Buddy 8 Passenger Street Legal Golf Cart

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