ADA Electric Shuttles & Handicap Golf Carts | Moto Electric

ADA Electric Shuttles & Handicap Golf Carts | Moto Electric

Searching online for ADA electric shuttles, handicap golf carts equipped with ramps and lifts, or ADA compliant people movers? When you have a special need, you deserve a custom solution. We offer a comprehensive line of ADA electric shuttles, handicap-equipped buses and wheelchair street legal golf carts for 4 passengers up to 27 passengers. Each are ideal for event transportation, church or campus buses, parking lot shuttles or any time when a handicap-accessible vehicle is required. Never settle for standard equipment that can’t get the job done.

Many low-speed environments have already adopted policies that encourage the use of street-legal, ADA electric shuttles to reduce their environmental footprint while reducing noise and air pollution. As an added benefit, both residents and visitors tend to favor the use of these nimble, "easy-on and easy-off" modes of transportation. In fact, the use of low speed people movers in public areas often results in much higher guest satisfaction ratings. Whether it's time for you to refurbish your fleet or purchase your first vehicle, it's time to call us.

At MotoEV, you select from a number of popular styles, colors, trim and seating designs for your people movers. Our ADA electric shuttles and shuttle trailers are ideal haulers for moving residents and guests around low-speed environments like resorts, schools, medical facilities, town centers, military bases, stadiums, retirement communities and convention centers. Moto Electric Vehicles also carries shuttle accessories such as ADA compliant ramps, backup cameras and beacon lights to customize your new or used electric cart or bus.

Since the government is pushing for energy-efficient modes of transportation, most GSA facilities and military bases have gone "Green" and are using street legal handicap golf carts and ADA electric shuttles for moving individuals from place to place. Plus, people tend to rate their transit experience very high after riding a properly equipped electric bus. To speak directly with an experienced sales representative, call 855-339-8333 or join in our Live Chat.

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