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Three Reasons Electric Vehicles Help Make Every Day Earth Day

April 22 is Earth Day! Celebrate by taking a thorough look at your lifestyle. We bet you can find numerous ways to reduce your impact on the environment. Of course, we've got one great idea that tops them all - a neighborhood electric vehicle. They're catching on in neighborhoods nationwide for those quick trips to the nearby corner store, library, park or friend's home. Here are three ways that NEVs help make every day Earth Day:

  1. They save on fossil fuel consumption. Because neighborhood electric vehicles run on electricity rather than gasoline, their growing popularity will help to put a dent in America's fossil fuel consumption. Of course, NEVs aren't practical for longer drives and aren't fast enough for major roadway usage. But if a high percentage of your day-to-day activities are centered in a small-radius area, you could significantly cut your gasoline usage - an idea that's great for both the environment and your wallet.
  2. They have zero greenhouse gas emissions. Scientists disagree on the major long-term effect of global warming and the degree to which it's caused by automotive emissions. However, it is widely agreed that higher levels of C02 can affect weather patterns and cause illnesses in humans.
  3. They can tap the sun's power. Solar energy is by far the cleanest and most any neighborhood electric vehicle can be outfitted with a solar roof panel. Moto Electric  Vehicles offers solar roof kits made by SunGo Power Systems. These kits produce 30% more power to your cart than any other brand of solar kit on the market today by using photovoltaic panels rather than conventional film technology. Solar panels mean you'll depend less on electricity to power your NEV, saving you money on both your electricity bill and on gasoline.

For a greener way to get around, check Moto Electric Vehicle's wide selection of NEVs online or at our Atlantic Beach, Florida showroom.

Moto Electric Vehicles offers solar panels designed to boost power to your NEV by 30% - a great Earth Day investment!