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Pflugerville On The "Green" Map

A “big city” company can take a least partial credit for helping to put the small city of Pflugerville, Texas (a suburb of Austin) on the “green” map.

Start-up company Pvillion, based in Brooklyn, New York, recently installed its first custom-built electric vehicle charging station in the Texas city, featuring unique solar technology and design.  Called the “Solar Sail”, the station’s canopy is covered with flexible solar panels that are lightweight and

"Solar Sail"

only 1/8” thick.  These panels provide the power to the station’s Level I and II electric vehicle chargers, making them completely eco-friendly.

The charging station’s architectural design is aesthetically pleasing, and the company claims that, because of the flexible solar panel technology involved, charging stations can be custom built for any location and still provide not only the function of electric vehicle charging but also a structure with architectural appeal.

The station’s location was chosen because of its close proximity to another of Pflugerville’s “green” projects – its new, eco-friendly Renewable Energy Industrial Park.   As Floyd Akers, Director of the Pflugerville Community Development Corporation (PCDC) commented, “The Solar Sail acts as a sculptural, solar energy ‘gateway’ to our city, as well as our new industrial park.”

To find out more, visit http://green.autoblog.com/2012/03/14/new-york-company-pitches-solar-sail-ev-charging-stations/#continued.