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E-Bikes and Electric Bicycles

Since America's most famous cyclist was stripped of his seven Tour de France titles, the sport of professional cycling has been heavily scrutinized for finding better ways to cheat. However, bicycle racing may end up remembered for much more than the use of performance enhancing drugs. As those charges were being investigated, industry insiders began to suggest some of the top teams were using performance-enhancing bicycles.

The ripple effect of the news about potentially pedal-assisted bicycles caused thousands of consumers worldwide to immediately seek information about the mysterious electric-powered bicycles. Nowadays, electric assisted bicycles, or E-Bikes, come in many different models and are being ridden everywhere. Cutting-edge electric bikes with reliable long-lasting batteries are available from MotoEV for all riding styles, including commuter bicycles, mountain bikes, beach cruisers, and even tri-wheeled electric bicycles.

Using lightweight space-age materials for construction, these high-tech vehicles break through the normal constraints of standard bicycle designs to enable riders to tackle greater distances as well as a broader variety of roads and trails. Even though electric bicycles have a motor, they are still pedal assisted, so in most cases, are classified as bicycles and not scooters or mopeds. However, some brands are equipped differently, which can alter their classification as a road vehicle.  Common options for electric bicycles include suspension front forks, headlight, taillight, disc brakes and UL-approved quick charger.

So, how fast can an electric-assisted bicycle travel over smooth pavement? A pedelec (pedal electric cycle) with the lightweight components and a strong motor have reached top speeds around 28 mph. However, most E-bikes have a top speed of 20 mph. Some electric bicycles have a cadence sensing pedal assist level that can be set to stop supporting the rider's effort once a maximum speed is reached. That way you can rely on the motor to keep you rolling up to your determined speed, or you can push the pedals to go faster.

At Moto Electric Vehicles, we are excited to announce our lineup of electric power-assisted E-Bikes for 2018. Contact our knowledgeable staff at 855-339-8333 for answers to any questions that you may have.

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