Bride & Groom Street-Legal Wedding Golf Carts

Bride & Groom Street-Legal Wedding Golf Carts

Spring is no longer thought of as the only season for weddings. During the two-plus years of the Covid-19 pandemic, couples had to either scrap their wedding plans, delay the date, or get married after settling for a slimmed-down version of the celebration. To no surprise, there is now a huge demand from couples wanting to tie-the-knot… and many with a simpler wedding in mind.

According to the Wedding Report, about 2.5 million couples are expected to get married in 2022. This is a 15% greater demand than before coronavirus. This means weddings will be taking place year-round somewhere, sometime, and every day of the week.

Whether your Big Day is going to be more casual or not, now is a good time to assess transportation needs for your wedding. For those living in a low-speed neighborhood, golf-cart community, or a slow-speed resort environment, what better wedding present than giving each other a Bride & Groom street-legal lifted golf cart. It’s the perfect vehicle for an eco-friendly ride to the reception as well as for many years to come.

Best Transportation Solution for Your Big Day

In low-speed communities, electric street-legal golf carts serve an important role as a much quieter mode of transportation. At a casual celebration, wedding golf carts are a perfect addition for inspiring more fun. Listed below are some of the reasons why:

Wedding golf carts are earth-friendly

Wedding golf carts and electric shuttles run quiet and clean. Guests can enjoy your special day while moving about without the noise and odor. The wedding couple can feel good about having an eco-friendly wedding with a smaller carbon footprint.

Wedding golf carts provide safe transportation

Safety is always important at any event. To earn their street legal status, golf carts come equipped with many required safety features and many of our street legal resort shuttles are ADA-equipped for guests with mobility issues.  

Wedding golf carts are a cost-effective solution

Street legal electric golf carts for wedding transportation are great for your budget. Hiring traditional drivers and services like limos or taxis can be expensive. Electric carts are a much more affordable option. Purchasing a Bride & Groom street-legal golf cart is a perfect wedding keepsake.

Wedding golf carts are decked in your wedding theme

With just a few thoughtful and creative touches, street legal electric golf carts will look festive and extend the couple’s wedding theme. Balloons, flowers, signs, and banners are easily installed to match your colors. Talk about the amazing photo opportunities you’ll have for your wedding album.

Wedding golf carts are just plain fun

There is no question that electric golf carts add a “fun factor” to weddings. Something about the open design that sets the stage for a free-spirited and convivial great time with loved ones.  Wedding parties have even been seen with bubble machines attached to their carts. 

If you are a wedding planner or someone planning their own wedding, we invite you to read on for inspiration. You can see why it can be smart to include wedding golf carts in your plans. For example, the bride’s party and the groom’s party can ride together in separate 8-passenger street legal golf carts. Imagine the possibilities for charming and hilarious photo-ops. 

Why Electric Golf Carts Are So Much Fun at Weddings

Even before the pandemic, weddings were already trending towards a more casual celebration conducted at more unique venues. Brides and grooms were increasingly opting for less formal dress in more fun settings. Listed below are a few tips for making your wedding a very special day:  

  1. Electric golf carts are a great choice for transporting bridal parties and guests. Wedding carts can discreetly move your party from the parking lot to venues or from the ceremony to the reception, as well as safely transport guests home after enjoying the open bar a little too much.
  2. If the wedding venue covers a larger space, has rough terrain, or the weather is hot and humid, you can comfortably move guests around in a street-legal electric shuttle. Moreover, carts can quickly whisk the wedding party off to a photo shoot and return them before they are missed.
  3. Sometimes couples want to involve their dogs or other pets in their celebrations. Wedding golf carts can be a safe and effective way to transport your special animals and lessen the risk of them being a distraction to humans attending the ceremony.
  4. Electric utility carts can be your work horses to help with carrying and transporting supplies. Why haul food, decorations, flowers, gifts, and photography or audio equipment by foot, when you can use a cost-efficient electric utility golf cart.
  5. A Bride & Groom street-legal golf cart endearingly decked out with “Just Married” signage and balloons is the perfect way to see the happy couple off at the end of the day. Imagine yourself riding into the sunset in your new wedding golf cart while waving back to family and friends.

We hope you have found this article helpful. If you are a couple who love the idea of including electric golf carts at your wedding, find out how easy owning a street legal golf cart can be. Let MotoEV enhance your wedding day and the quality of your married life with a Bride & Groom street-legal electric golf cart.

Contact Brett Jackrel, Sales Manager of MotoEV, to discuss your new wedding golf cart or how MotoEV can help your wedding business transport clients during this welcomed wedding boom. We have a great selection of resort street legal golf carts and electric shuttles to help any celebration go off without a hitch.


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