Rising Gas Prices Could Be Good For The Environment

Rising Gas Prices Could Be Good For The Environment

Do you cringe every time you pull up at the gas pump to fill up?  With gasoline prices at record highs, are you considering purchasing an electric vehicle to save fuel money?

Well, if you are, you are not alone.  Conservatively, it is estimated that the average cost per mile for a gasoline-powered vehicle is approximately .14 per mile, including oil and other fluids.  Conversely, the cost per mile of a plug-in electric vehicle such as ours is about .07 per mile, and this includes the cost of replacement batteries amortized over two years.  That’s a savings of over .07 per mile!  These figures are based on national averages at the time of writing of:  $3.91 per gallon for gasoline, 34 miles per gallon average mileage of a gasoline-powered vehicle, and .12 per kilowatt hour for electricity.  If you would like to make your own calculations, based on your own figures, there is a website that has a Gas/Electric Vehicle Cost Comparison calculator.

Aside from the cost of gasoline, there is the environmental impact of operating a gasoline-powered vehicle.  Exhaust emissions from these vehicles cause toxic compounds to be released into the air we breathe, while leaking fuel and oil contaminate soil and water.  And that doesn’t even take into account the “noise pollution” caused by the sounds of internal combustion engines!

So maybe it is time to consider going “green.”  Our electric vehicles produce no exhaust; therefore no exhaust emissions!  There is no fuel to leak into our lakes and rivers, and electric motors operate very quietly, making them an altogether green choice.

As Carlie Bullock Jones said, "Pursuing green means approaching things different than the norm. I believe green design is a huge opportunity, not an obstacle, to truly make a difference on the environment, economy, and community at large."

We at Moto Electric Vehicles have seen the great impact that traditional internal combustion engines have had on the environment and the economy.  We believe that it is time to think about driving differently, and we invite you to join us by purchasing an electric vehicle and driving “green”.  Your wallet and the environment will thank you for it!


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