Most Electric Vehicles Sold Are For Commercial & Industrial Applications

Most Electric Vehicles Sold Are For Commercial & Industrial Applications

In an October 24, 2011 article, Electric Vehicles Research indicated that currently 60% of the value of the electric vehicle market is being spent on commercial and industrial vehicles – and this trend is expected to continue and grow into the next decade.

Heavy industrial vehicles (those used do heavy lifting, such as forklifts) make up the largest segment of the market.  This is understandable, since by law, forklifts must be electric to be used indoors.  While little opportunity may remain in this market, there are plenty of other uses for electric vehicles in the commercial and industrial sector.

Airports are under increasing pressure to switch their Ground Support Equipment (GSE) to pure electric versions, both on and off the tarmac.  Besides lowering their carbon footprint, this would lower their cost of ownership, cost of maintenance and their exposure to price increases in fossil fuel supplies.

Police Buddy

Governments, wanting to be perceived as environmentally conscientious, will help to drive the continuing growth of the commercial and industrial EV market.

This market is seen as being less dependent on government incentives and funding than the more fragile personal EV market, and innovations seem to appear in the industrial and commercial market sooner.

Electric vehicles offer so many advantages over traditional vehicles in the industrial/commercial environment.  Electric delivery vehicles cope better with frequent stopping and starting.  Electric shuttles can be used to transport visitors through industrial plants, airports, and other venues with no concern about noxious emissions.  Rangers can use electric vehicles to access areas of parks and natural areas where it is important that environmental impact be limited.  The applications are only limited by the imagination!

Electro EMS Rescue Bubble Buddy Vehicle

Moto Electric Vehicles is perfectly positioned to provide reliable alternatives to traditional internal combustion-powered vehicles for the commercial and industrial sector.  We have a wide variety of commercial vehicles available, and we are proud to be a part of this growing industry.  Visit our website to see what we have to offer.

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