Lifted Golf Carts for Commercial Use & Transportation

Lifted Golf Carts for Commercial Use & Transportation

Lifted golf carts for commercial use have never been as popular. The natural habitat for the traditional golf cart was smooth, grassy terrain with well-kept dirt or paved cart paths. While those carts were well designed for playing a round of golf, today’s lifted golf carts can be customized for improved use in residential communities, on farms, around town centers, up and down the beach, and about anywhere you need to go. If you are shopping for electric lifted golf carts to use as utility vehicles or people movers, Moto Electric Vehicles can custom build a eco-friendly vehicle, or give you a quote for fleet pricing. Moto EV has years of experience in designing lifted utility vehicles for moving people, delivering products, or making service calls.

“No doubt jacked up golf carts are more appealing and will turn heads everywhere they go,” remarked Brett Jackrel at Moto Electric Vehicles. “But like most things, there is always some downside. Before you purchase oversized tires and a mail-order lift kit, recognize that from a safety perspective, it is crucial that a lifted kart is safe for employees and passengers.” At Moto EV, we understand your lifted golf cart must include the required safety features for your specific application as well as be able to tackle your toughest tasks. We also can increase efficiency by adding a heavy-duty bed for truck-like performance or rear-facing seats that increase the vehicles capacity as a fun-friendly people mover. Moreover, the higher center of gravity and additional ground clearance will work well over a broad range of terrain.

Commercial Carts Lifted for Off Road and Street

Nowadays, entire communities come complete with their own town centers and were founded around the idea of using electric golf carts as the preferred mode of transportation. Whether you are a vendor or service provider, a street-legal commercial golf cart can expand your operations while reducing harmful carbon emissions. In addition, a lifted golf cart is jacked up and equipped to navigate off-road pathways as well as designated roads and community streets. Anyone purchasing a commercial electric cart to use for maintenance purposes will eventually need to cross uneven or rough ground. That’s where a traditional golf cart is likely to have trouble navigating the terrain with classic golf course tires. Our lifted street-legal golf carts come with larger tires and light-weight wheels, which can speed up a cart’s performance.

Lifted golf carts add ground clearance and a wider overall footprint to open up a whole new world of commercial applications for low-cost, environmentally friendly modes of transportation. Initially, resorts and amusement parks discovered the traditional street legal golf carts often struggled with rubbing the rear tires when loaded down with passengers. Our oversized street tires for lifted commercial golf carts provide a larger contact-patch with the road to achieve the smoothest ride possible; and you won’t have to ask larger passengers to ride up front. For everyone, a lifted golf cart is much easier to get in and out of when loading and unloading. Moreover, there is less to worry about ground-level stumps and other challenging obstacles.

How to Buy the Right Lifted Commercial Golf Cart

If you need an affordable vehicle to carry supplies across your campus, transport security teams to patrol your premises, or deliver take-out in low-speed neighborhoods, you need to buy the right lifted commercial golf cart that meets your specific requirements. For example, a street legal lifted golf cart implies that laws are in place, but in most communities written laws are still playing catch up. This means purchasing a lifted golf cart from the manufacturer can allow for customization including the accessories necessary for satisfying local regulations. While we recommend you look into the specific laws in your state and community, we are well versed in the safety requirements that comply with most areas and offer a wide variety of equipment options, such as headlights and taillights, rear view mirrors, windshields, seat belts, and even VIN numbers.

If you have ever tried to cut through the rough or woods driving a conventional golf cart, you know the smooth tires and low clearance can be a challenge. Lifted commercial golf carts provide a more pleasant experience for workers and passengers when customized with the right equipment options to venture off the beaten path. Since there are numerous environments where a commercial golf cart is a smart choice for transporting people, delivering goods, and providing important services, choosing the right lifted street-legal golf cart may seem confusing. That’s why here at Moto Electric Vehicles, our entire staff is always ready to help you find the best solution for you or your company. For decades Moto EV has provided transportation and fleet solutions for clients who had specific needs for purpose-built lifted commercial golf carts.

If you are employed by a government agency or branch of the military, many of the vehicles in the Moto EV lineup of lifted golf carts, off road golf carts, and raised golf carts can be supplied on GSA contract.


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