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Neighborhood Electric Vehicles - Not Just for the Golf Course

Neighborhood electric vehicles (NEVs) aren't just for the golf course.

When you think of neighborhood electric vehicles (NEVs), visions of golf courses probably cross your mind. After all, it was on America’s golf ranges that electric carts got their start. But as the economy tightens, concern for the environment grows and more people opt for a quieter, friendlier, back-to-the-basics lifestyle, the neighborhood electric vehicle becomes an increasingly mainstream option.

To that end, communities designed for NEV living are popping up nationwide – and they’re not just retirement communities. Take North Carolina’s Bald Head Island, for example. This exclusive community offers 10,000 acres of beach, marsh and maritime forest preserves located on the eastern side of the Cape Fear River off the coast of Southport, N.C. Residents’ median age is just 56 years old and many are families with minor children. Residents and visitors park their cars and access the island via a ferry. Getting around is done via NEVs and bicycles – no gas-powered vehicles allowed.

Residents and visitors to Bald Head Island and similar communities have easy, short-distance drives to restaurants, grocery and hardware stores, wineries, hair salons, clothing and gift shops, post offices, recreational sites (yes, including golf courses) and more. Those who live the NEV lifestyle daily, as well as those who experience it only while visiting, say it’s an invigorating kind of feeling. Neighborhood electric vehicles allow for a bit of fresh air and sunshine, and allow for interaction with neighbors, friends and passersby, unlike traditional vehicles that close you off from others.

You don’t have to live in one of these communities to enjoy the benefits of a neighborhood electric vehicle. Some are capable of speeds of 30 miles per hour, which make them street legal for residential and other low speed areas, and great for quick jaunts to the park, ball field, corner store or a nearby friend’s home. Moto Electric Vehicles offers a range of NEVs and accessories, including flip-down TVs and wireless vehicle backup cameras. Browse our website or stop by our Jacksonville, Florida showroom to find out more about living the NEV lifestyle.